The Three Fundamental Principles & Their Evidences: Workbook for Germantown Masjid's Summer Seminar (2019)

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NOT for independent self-study, this workbook is your study guide for the summer seminar at Masjid as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah in Germantown, Philadelphia (USA) this year (2019). The workbook includes the Arabic text of Thathaatul-Usool wa Adillatuhaa (The Three Fundamental Principles and Their Evidences), translated into English, and spread out over 92 points. The full text of the translation, as well as the complete original Arabic text (both vowelled and unvowelled) are also included as appendixes, as well as a chain of transmission and a manuscript of the text. This allows beginner students to begin reading a basic text, vowelled for beginners, and continue their studies all the way to proficiency in reading Arabic manuscripts! A unique learning opportunity awaits you this summer, in shaa' Allah. 1: An Introduction to the Text and its Author 2: Four Essential Matters We Must learn 3: One Short Soorah as Comprehensive Proof 4: Knowledge Precedes Statements and Actions 5: The Purpose of Mankind's Creation 6: Messengers Must be Obeyed: The Proof 7: Allah is not Pleased with Shirk 8: The Absolute Prohibition of Shirk 9: Religious Loyalty Must be for Allah's Sake Alone 10: True Believers and Their Religious Loyalty 11: The Religion of Ibraaheem: Islamic Monotheism 12: Allah Created Mankind to Worship Him 13: The Greatest of All Obligations 14: The Most Severely Forbidden Sin 15: A Specific Order and a Broad Prohibition 16: What are the Three Fundamental Principles? 17: The First of the Three Fundamental Principles 18: The One True Lord, Creator, and Sustainer 19: How a Worshipper Knows about his lord 20: Among the Greatest of Allah's Signs 21: The Creation and the Command Belong to Allah 22: The Lord and Creator Alone Deserves Worship 23: The Three Levels: Islam, Eemaan, and Ihsaan 24: All Acts of Worship are Due to Allah Alone 25: Places of Prostration are for Allah Alone 26: Directing Worship to Other than Allah 27: Calling Upon False Deities is Disbelief 28: Supplication is the Core of Worship 29: Allah Refers to Supplication as Worship 30: Fearing Allah Alone is a Form of Worship 31: The Worship of Hope and Aspiration 32: The Worship of Trust and Reliance 33: Hope and Fearful Awe are Forms of Worship 34: Knowledge-based Fear is a Form of Worship 35: Repentance is a Form of Worship 36: Seeking Help as a Form of Worship 37: Seeking Allah's Help in All Affairs 38: Seeking Refuge as a Form of Worship 39: Seeking Relief as a Form of Worship 40: Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals is Worship 41: Sacrificing Animals to Other than Allah 42: Taking a Vow is a Form of Worship 43: The Second of the Three Fundamental Principles 44: The Three Levels of the Religion 45: The Five Pillars of Islam 46: Allah Himself Testifies to His Oneness 47: The Meaning of the Testimony of Towheed 48: A Fine Example of Implementation of Towheed 49: Another Quranic Explanation of Towheed 50: Testifying to the Messengership of Muhammad 51: The Meaning of the Testimony to His Messengership 52: The Upright Religion of Towheed, Prayer, & Zakaat 53: Fasting is an Act of Worship 54: Hajj (Pilgrimage): An Act of Worship 55: THe Second Level of the Religion: Eemaan 56: The Six Pillars of Eemaan (Faith) 57: Five Pillars of Eemaan in a Quranic Verse 58: Belief in Qadar, the Sixth Pillar of Eemaan 59: The One Singular Pillar of Ihsaan 60: Allah is with the People of Ihsaan 61: The All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Knowing 62: Allah Witnesses Whatever We Do, Always 63: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part One) 64: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part Two) 65: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part Three) 66: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part Four) 67: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part Five) 68: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part Six) 69: The HAdeeth of Jibreel (Part Seven) 70: THE Lineage of the Prophet Muhammad 71: 23 Years as a Prophet and Messenger 72: The Opening Verses of... - from Amzon 
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