Ask a Librarian

PDX Islamic Community Library is a nonprofit Organization solely operated by donation from the Community. Donations include but are not limited to Library membership fees (lifetime membership fee of $200 or yearly fee of $50), donations from the community members and fund raised through community programs like food stall. Major focus for the Library is to purchase quality material (Books, CDs, DVDs etc.) on Islam written/produced by renowned scholars from home and abroad. The purpose of this library is to provide an authentic source of information about Islam to the community. It is difficult to find authentic translation of works by great Islamic Scholars. To serve all in the community the purpose of this Library is to collect English translation of these works. Almost all the collection in the library is in English language to serve the entire community. The library is open to anybody irrespective of sex, race, color, or religion. We welcome anybody who wants to understand Islam or do quality research on Islam. Especially we welcome school or college students who work on projects on Islam or comparative religion. This library can provide necessary resources those are not available in the public library. PDX Islamic Community Library is located at one of the houses at Bilal Masjid, Beaverton, OR and is open every Sunday during 10:00AM to 12:00PM.